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For our delivery scooters, we are proud to be supporting SYM scooters at melbourne scooter warehouse


SYM scooters are a highly reliable motor scooter brand, and they are one of the first brands to get involved with the delivery market in Australia. They are also one of the most prolific brands for delivery scooters, because of their proven reliability in the market.


Delivery riders in the past have bought in their old Orbit 125 scooters with over 127,000km on the clock. Now that is what we would call a hard-working scooter with an even harder working rider! For this reason, we firmly believe that if you look after your SYM scooter it will never stop working as hard as you.


Spare parts and support are similarly very important to us here at Melbourne Scooter Warehouse. We are renowned for looking after our delivery riders with a great supply of spare parts to keep you on the road. Our mantra is that ‘time is money’ so we value the importance of looking after you.


Finally, we have been working closely with delivery platforms and delivery riders for over five years. So if you are a delivery rider and in need of a reliable, hard working delivery scooter with great value for money and support. Let us know, we are only an email or phone call away. 




An iconic moment in history is caught as you ride by on the Classic.


The ultimate delivery workhorse or commuter scooter!


One of the most cost effective and practical ways to deliver anything, anywhere, anytime.


A unique designed rack to enable a large delivery box to be fitted to the Classic 125 or Orbit 125 scooters.

The rack is hinged and flips up so the rider can access the seat bucket and fuel tank.

RRP is $143, call or email us today to order yours!