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A bit of guidance



At Melbourne Scooter Warehouse we believe that a bit of guidance goes a long way!


  • Firstly, we recommend that you have a think about what you will use your new motor scooter for. Considering the roads and how other road users may use those roads is important in guiding your next scooter.


  • Maximum speeds are only a guide and can be affected by load and weather conditions. Extended and continuous operation should be around 80 to 85% of the maximum speed capability. With maximum speed reserved for intermittent bursts.


  • QLD, WA, NT & SA permit car licence holders to ride on a car licence. 50cc scootas (Mopeds) are speed limited to 50km/h by law, they are best for inner city and suburban riding on 40-60km/h roads.


  • 125cc-150cc scooters are best suited for local and continuous travel on 80km/h roads, and brief commutes on 100km/h speed limited roads.


  • 200cc scooters are best suited for local and continuous travel on 100km/h roads and brief commutes on 110km/h speed-limited roads.


  • Over 250cc scooters are best suited for local and continuous riding on 110km/h roads. Extra power provides more relaxed highway riding and overtaking abilities. 




  • Despite not selling electric scooters or bikes, we thought you might like some information about them.
  • Each state has different legislation, please check with your local Department of Transport to understand your state’s laws.
  • In Victoria, these vehicles are speed limited to 10km/h and motors not exceeding 200 watts. Anything over this power cannot be ridden on public roads, cycle lanes or footpaths; they are for private property only. These vehicles can be impounded, and fines can be issued. 
  • Please be cautious if you are looking at this as an option.




a bit of guidance

Below is a bit of guidance on LA Category Information


  • LA Category is a special vehicle classification for scooters of less than 50cc provided under the Motor Standards Act (1989). They pass different requirements for brakes, lights, speedometer, and noise. 
  • They are restricted to 50 km/h in ALL states, and they are NOT tested for safe operation at higher speeds.
  • For QLD, SA, NT & WA LA Category scooters can be ridden by holders of a car licence. With no additional 2-wheel training/special driver licensing requirements.
  • In the ACT, NSW, TAS & VIC LA Category scooters can be ridden after training and passing a motorcycle test. Go see your local Department of Transport for more information.


Some additional information


  • It’s a federal offence for motorcycle dealers to sell an LA category scooter for road use in a derestricted form.
  • Under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, the dealer and rider may be fined up to $13,700 per vehicle.