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Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters

What are you missing out on? Whether it’s visiting the local community gardens when the sun is out, joining family and friends on outings or simply having the freedom to grab a litre of milk or the paper without having to ask for help; a mobility scooter could be the answer to getting your life busy and active again.


We’ve included in our small range, a scooter which is easily to dismante and can travel with you in your car boot or is ideal on a plane or cruise ship. Other models are great for those looking for a smaller and lighter vehicle.


Medium scootas are a great option if you’re a regular scooterist but not going huge distances. Our range includes smaller options which still pack a big punch in capabilities through to more substantial options which replace your car comfortably giving you back your independence.


Our large scootas range from a commuter option which will go the distance through to our Mountaineer II which will take you comfortably through 18 holes at your nearest range. Have a chat with your nearest retailer and talk through what you need your new wheels to do for you.