Financing Humm90

Ride away today on your dream scooter with 1 year interest-free finance!

At MSW, we've made it easy for you to own your own scooter with humm90®, our convenient digital financing solution. You can complete your application online in just 10 minutes and we’ll have you on the road before you know it!


Humm 90 Financing


Here's how you apply:

 Step 1: Send a humm90® finance quote request online.

Step 2: Once approved, we will get authority from humm90® to sort out the paperwork, register your new scooter and watch you ride away with a smile on your face!


To get you approved quickly humm90® will ask you to allow them secure access to retrieve you bank statements for a one-off verification.

  • Banking credentials are never stored
  • One-time connection
  • We retrieve a snapshot of your statement and verify your income
  • Bank level encryptions are used to protect your information


    Note: you also have the option of providing your bank statements manually for humm90® to verify your income; this is a slightly longer process. You will be requested to provide a copy of your recent payslips, tax return or 90 days of bank statements.

    humm90® Application Outcomes:

    • Decline: If your application is declined, you will be notified and should arrange for an alternate payment method.
    • Refer: Your application may be referred if we need additional information or need to verify the provided information. In this case, an agent from our Lending Team will contact you if needed.
    • Approved: If you're approved, you should proceed to read and accept the Credit Contract to open an account.

    Customer Details:

    1. You will receive your humm90® card within 10 days so you can enjoy all the benefits of a humm90® Mastercard.
    2. We encourage you to download the humm90® app and activate your card.
    3. You will receive a statement via email before your first payment is due, making the process smooth and stress-free.