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For servicing, please contact MK1 Motorcycles in Carrum Downs on 9775 1299 for all your local servicing needs. Alternatively, your qualified local motorcycle mechanic can look after your motor scooter for you. Please make sure you understand your service intervals and maintain your scooter correctly to maintain it in peak condition.

  • We have enough confidence in our product to offer up to a 4-year* warranty!

  • The full 4-year warranty reverts to a 2-year factory warranty for subsequent owners from the original purchase date.

  • Our faith in SYM prompted us to be the first in industry to introduce a four (4) year warranty on scooters. This is a huge advancement for the motor scooter industry.

  • Select Scootas 4-year warranty for all vehicles covers manufacturing error causing mechanical failure for a full 4 years.

  • Our warranty covers two (2) years on any electrical component failure for the original owner and it
    is non-transferable.

  • *Please note that batteries and consumable items are not covered by this warranty

  • Any warranty issues are being managed by us. If you require further information about our 4-year warranty please do not hesitate to contact us

  • Our scooter warranty covers up to 40,000km. Please see our warranty policy below for further information.