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Joymax Z+

Joymax Z+

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Our brand new maxi 300 is here! Featuring all new technology including traction control, a high performance fuel injected 279cc liquid cooled engine and LED lights throughout. All this with the lowest seat height available!

EURO5 is raising the bar when is comes to better emission standards reducing limits across the board; the new JoyMax Z+ meets these new European standards refining their technology to include non-methane hydrocarbons.

 SYM’s new JoyMax Z+ offers maxi scooter styling in a more lightweight capacity weighing in at only 185kg. With a huge 19.1kw of power, it provides enough performance for freeway commutes and enough space for a pillion. The foot space enables you to stretch out on longer rides and the rear back bolster is fully adjustable. The front wind shield and adjustable wide windscreen, provide weather protection.

The suspension has been improved from the previous model with fully adjustable rear dual suspension. The ABS linked brakes provide great stopping power whether in city traffic or at higher speeds. A huge 12 litre fuel tank eliminates frequent re-fuelling.

A low centre of gravity with the weight carried forward with the fuel tank and a lower than normal seat height for a maxi at just 747mm. Great for a pillion with plenty of room for two helmets in the under seat storage and flip out pillion pegs.

All the electronic features you have come to expect including full LED lights, elegant digital dash and quick charge USB port.

The JoyMax Z+ is a great entrance maxi scooter or perfect for those of us looking for something a little lighter and lower but with plenty of power.

All this and an industry leading 4 YEAR WARRANTY*!

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  • Engine

    Engine – fuel injected 278.3cc liquid cooled EFI

    Max power – 19.1kw @ 7500rpm

    Max torque – 26.2Nm @ 6750rpm

    Bore & stroke – 75mm x 63mm

    Compression ratio – 11.3:1

  • Chassis

    Dimensions – 2190L x 750W x 1440H

    Seat height – 747mm

    Wheelbase – 1550mm

    Dry weight – 185kg

    Fuel capacity – 12 litres

  • Specifications

    Front brake – 260mm 4 piston disc brake ABS

    Rear brake – 240mm 4 piston disc brake ABS

    Front tyre & wheel – 120×70 14 inch

    Rear tyre & wheel – 140×60 13 inch

    Transmission – CVT fully automatic

    Headlight – LED

    Taillight – LED

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