Below are our team’s helpful tips for why you should buy one of our scooters!

Why Buy One Of Our Scooters?

Dependable scooters

Do you want a dependable scooter which won’t break down or get you stuck somewhere?

We have a reputation second-to-none for quality, which is why we confidently offer a four (4) year warranty.*

Cost saving transport

Do you want to travel as cheaply as possible, use less petrol, save money on servicing and get cheaper parking?

Excellent spare parts support

Do you want to get looked after and make sure things keep running smoothly?

We make sure that you have parts available at a moments notice.

Industry expertise

Do you want tips on how to get the right scooter for you?

We will work with you to choose the best scooter for you from our extensive range.

Customer support

Do you want back up and support for the life of your scooter?

We are a family of scooter lovers who know their scooters, have excellent warranty, and we have been industry leaders for 23 years! We have over 50,000 vehicles on the road…and counting!!